Preparing TeeChia

Get the best results from TeeChia by activating its unique fiber before eating it. Simply soak a serving of TeeChia in a bowl by pouring a small amount of water over it. Water, whether hot or cold, quickly releases the soluble fiber in both chia and flax:


    1) Place 1/2 cup of TeeChia in a bowl.

    2) Add ½ cup hot water or 1/3 cup cold water to activate the soluble fiber.

    3) Stir and let soaked until water is absorbed (ready in less than one minute).

    4) Add milk, yogurt or any nondairy alternative.

Benefits of Soluble Fiber

  • The soluble fiber gel will slow the absorption of the carbohydrates by the intestines. Slow and steady release of carbohydrates results in stable blood sugar and lasting energy.
  • After eating, the soluble fiber gel continues to absorb more water in your stomach and intestines. It keeps you hydrated by slowly releasing water back into your system as demand arises.
  • The bulk formed by the soluble fiber gel keeps you feeling satiated and staves off any hunger signals for 4 or more hours.
  • The soluble fiber gel creates a moist, smooth stool that keeps you regular daily and makes it easy and pleasant to do your ‘daily duty’!

When soaked in water, TeeChia’s flakes, seeds, and fruits are held together by the soluble fiber gel. We recommend adding milk, yogurt, or non-dairy alternatives to TeeChia after it has been soaked in water. They make delicious additions to TeeChia so you can enjoy a bowl of TeeChia any way you prefer to eat cereal.


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