Is TeeChia certified gluten-free?

Yes. Oats don’t contain gluten, but they can be contaminated by gluten during processing if other gluten containing ingredients like wheat and barley are processed in the same facility. TeeChia’s oats are certified gluten free by GFCO.

Is TeeChia certified organic?

The majority of TeeChia’s ingredients are certified organic. TeeChia is in the process of being certified organic under the “made with” category of the National Organic Program standards, which means that more than 70% of TeeChia’s ingredients are certified organic. Due to factors that include quality, cost and availability, we have selected to include some conventionally grown ingredients where we think the value of organic certification isn’t as crucial it is for our main ingredients.

Why do you recommend soaking TeeChia?

There is no right or wrong way to eat TeeChia, but soaking it as recommended on our packaging and this website, activates the soluble fiber the fastest. There are a number of health benefits from the soluble fiber including slowing the release of carbohydrates, creating a sense of satiety, reducing cholesterol, soothing the digestive tract, and promoting regularity. The soluble fiber will continue to be released during digestion especially if you drink water, a hot beverage or juice along with your bowl of TeeChia.

Does TeeChia have tree nuts?

Blueberry Date doesn’t have tree nuts but Cranberry Apple contains almonds. Blueberry Date was left tree nut free not only for people who are allergic to nuts, but also because of problems with the shelf life of shelled walnuts and pecans. These two nuts are great in Blueberry Date, but they have a very short shelf life once they are shelled and chopped. By leaving Blueberry Date tree nut free, people who are allergic to nuts can still enjoy TeeChia. Adding freshly shelled walnuts or pecans to Blueberry Date increases its protein and nutrient profile plus it is delicious!

How should I store TeeChia?

After opening TeeChia’s Ziploc bag, make sure you close the Ziploc tightly to maintain the freshness. It is not necessary to refrigerate TeeChia, but if you plan to store TeeChia for a number of months, refrigeration is recommended to keep the ingredients as fresh as possible. Since most people eat TeeChia regularly, refrigeration  won’t be necessary.

What is TeeChia’s shelf life?

TeeChia has a one-year shelf life. We produce it regularly so you get the freshest batches when we ship it to you directly!

Is TeeChia a good food for athletes?

TeeChia is a complex carbohydrate food that can help athletes load and replenish glycogen levels in their muscles and liver to enhance their performance. TeeChia can be eaten both before and after a workout or an event. For sustained energy during a workout, eat TeeChia around one hour beforehand. To replenish energy after a workout, eat TeeChia as soon as you feel hungry!

What are natural flavors?

One of the most confusing health topics in the natural foods industry is natural flavors. We select flavors from trusted suppliers that are made only from natural flavoring components extracted without chemical solvents from the blueberries or cranberries themselves. Think of natural flavors as a way to bring concentrated flavor notes to TeeChia. There is no MSG, or derivatives of MSG, preservatives or propylene glycol in TeeChia’s flavors! They also comply with all organic regulations, using only approved ingredients and processes according to the National Organic Program.

Tell me about the oats in TeeChia. Are they raw? Are they “instant” oats? What is the difference between instant, rolled and other forms of oats?

All oats, regardless of the name or cut, are steamed and then rolled into flakes. No raw oats are sold on the market. After oats are steamed and rolled they can be cut differently. The oats in TeeChia are cut to be very small flakes so that they don’t require cooking. They are assimilable after simply adding water, milk or a milk alternative.

Are all oats gluten-free?

Pure oats do not contain gluten. However, most oats on the market today have been cross-contaminated with a tiny bit of wheat, barley and/or rye from the manufacturing equipment. The oats in TeeChia have been processed on equipment used only for oats and have been certified gluten-free by GFCO.

How come you don’t use Gluten-Free and organic oats?

Most oats on the market are either gluten-free or organic, not both. Oats that are both certified organic and gluten-free are not yet produced in enough quantity to guarantee their availability for a nationally distributed product. They are also very expensive.

Why is TeeChia at a higher retail price then other cereals?

Within the cereal category there are many different sub-categories. There are the traditional cold cereals (like flakes and O’s), oatmeals and mueslis, as well as the new category of “Superfood” cereals. TeeChia is a nutrient-rich, Superfood cereal for sustained energy. The ingredients in TeeChia provide superior nutrition and health benefits compared to cheaper cereals. Most commercial cereals are made from corn, wheat and sugar. These cereals don’t provide the nutrient density, sustained energy or profound digestive benefits that TeeChia provides. Compared with other Superfood cereals, TeeChia is the best value. At just $8.99 per 6-serving bag, TeeChia provides the most nutrition for the price per ounce.

If I wanted to eat TeeChia every day, I would have to buy 4-5 bags a month. Why doesn’t TeeChia come in a larger size?

TeeChia is available in a 20 serving, 2.2lb bag in addition to the 6 serving bag. It is currently only sold on our website and not yet available in stores. The 20 serving bag sells for $27.99 (or just $1.40 per serving).

What is the relationship between TeeChia and Teeccino?

Caroline MacDougall is the founder and creator of both product lines. Caroline’s career is devoted to helping people achieve optimal health. Caroline developed Teeccino as a healthy, caffeine-free, alternative to coffee. Caffeine spikes the blood sugar and launches a stress response in the body that can lead to chronic health problems. TeeChia is a complex carbohydrate cereal made from super seeds that has no added sugar. It is designed to provide long lasting energy and satiety. Both Teeccino and TeeChia help people maintain stable blood sugar and avoid insulin spikes that destabilize the metabolism and can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Together, Teeccino and TeeChia make a wholesome and nutritious breakfast to promote optimal health!

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